~WHO AM I~!!!???

~WHO AM I~!!!???
~Who Am I~

Who am I? Who am I? Who am I is a question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately. Who am I, is a question I can answer with a question. Who am I showed up at my first birthday and I do mean my FIRST! Who am I is the WORLD telling me I have to place myself into a category that I really don’t fit into because I’m sizable for most, plentifully filled with a lot of energy ready to grab the world by its shoulders, violently shake them until the pavement under their feet begun to shuffle. Declaring the insignificant reply about who am I…… is primarily because of you. It is YOU, waiting for me to justify why I am who I am, and if the reply isn’t of your expected answer. I’m place into a category of the persons unanswered. Stripping my ancestors of their freedom and dignity, overthrowing their will to live, the courage to think. I am the voice of their cries the diamond in the ruff, a woman on the rise. I am no longer waiting to be saved by the one who has prepared my grave. Accepting the responsibility of me being oppressed, removing the shackles that has made me less. So you ask who am I?Who am I? Who I am is standing in front of you face to face telling YOU that your judgement is a disgrace, we will no longer allow your opinions too dictate or define why my looks aren’t familiar to your likes. Who am I? For I am a [W]oman [H]ero an [O]riginal being made in disguise from my fathers eyes…….. ~Short Version~ by ~Lena~


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