~Operation Flaw~ just some friendly advice…

~Operation Flaw~ This post is too All the Woman who feels they have No friends No Good Friends or No Real Friends…. I love you All! But you have to stop being so hard on one another, a lot of woman has lost real good friends due too FLAWS. (Trust Me I know…) rather your former friend told you secrets or didn’t return your favorite pair of shoes, we as Woman need to recognize Everyone has flaws (including ourselves). Now you have your Woman who has No friends because SHE isn’t a friend at ALL, in which you may want to reconsider her being your friend….. We as Woman are so easily caught in our emotions after a person we call friend, has hurt us, disappoint us, or flat out just disgust us. Not recognizing it was the Friends Mistake brought on by Flaws…… Not disloyalty. Leaving us hurt because we now feel the need to give the
friend up rather than put ~OPERATION FLAW~ into gear. ~OPERATION FLAW~ means once your friend has displayed they’re Flaws. You MUST recognize them, now that’s the easy part. The hard part is you no longer allow them to know your secrets, borrow your shoes (or whatever it may be) until they can prove they are worthy of being trusted. So the next time you so badly want to tell her some gossip and YOU Know that girl Can’t hold water…. Abort! Or when she puts that dress on and your about to say: “Girrrrrl I got a pair of shoes that would go perfectly w/ that”. ABORT! No matter how hard it is ABORT! If they ask, say No! And when they ask why? Simply reply…. “Because the last time I told you, YOU told EVERYONE ELSE!!!! I promise you they will remember exactly what your referring too and probably will never do it again…… So too all my Woman who feels they have NO Friends NO Good Friends or NO Real Friends. Make sure YOU are a Real Good Friend and use ~OPERATION FLAW~ ….. ~Limit 1 time use on EACH Friend Advised~…

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