~My Experience at the Voting Polls~

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My experience at the polling site today was very interesting. First I in-countered a friend from high school than an ex-boyfriend. That might sound interesting but nothing is more interesting than what happen right after that. Two men began shouting, one claiming the other wasn’t supposed to be on site Touching ballots, and yelling “He got to go, No he has got to go he cant be back here and we don’t know who he is.” So than the lines were supper long and backed up, an elder lady stated to me that people been up their all day attempting to tamper with ballots, they been taking pens, and turning people away saying they needed two-forms of I.D.. So they ended up having to bring in some higher level people from D.C. and Cincinnati Police to monitor things. Long story short I voted for Barack Obama, and my ex- was eating his heart out, >POW<! *Laughing Out LOUD*… Any who this was one of the most interesting Voting days I have experienced in my 27 years of life, I couldn’t imagine the difficulties our elders use to face. ~Praying~ Let’s go TEAM OBAMAH!!!!! 😉

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