UPDATE: Dead Baby Found in Teen’s Shoplifting Bag!!!???

Published October 23, 2013 by Lena Say What!!!???

UPDATE: Dead Baby Found in Teen's Shoplifting Bag!!!???

Authorities aren’t ready to bring charges over a dead baby found in a bag belonging to an alleged teen shoplifter.
Tiona Rodriguez, 17, was released without bail after she pleaded not guilty to petty larceny and possession of stolen property charges in the bizarre incident last week in a Victoria’s Secret on 34th Street in Midtown.
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Rodriguez in court.
Photo: Riyad Hasan
“Shoplifting with a baby in her bag the entire time certainly suggests a little bit of difficulty following society’s rules,” assistant district attorney Robert Hettleman said in Manhattan Criminal Court.
But a judge denied Hettleman’s request for $1,000 bail.
Cops say they can’t bring charges until forensic tests determine exactly how the full-term newborn died. That could take several weeks.
The baby died of asphyxiation soon after birth, law enforcement sources said.
Rodriguez and a pal drew the attention of a store security guard who made the gruesome discovery when he busted them on shoplifting allegations.
Rodriguez, who has a young child at home, allegedly told cops she didn’t know what to do with the young boy’s body.
The investigation isn’t over, Hettleman vowed.
“The NYPD, my office and the office of the Chief Medical Examiner are going to continue to vigorously and thoroughly investigate the matter relating to the baby,” he said.
Rodriguez is due back in court on Dec. 10.


One comment on “UPDATE: Dead Baby Found in Teen’s Shoplifting Bag!!!???

  • What is it to say ,she didn’t know what to do everybody knows that you can drop off children to hospital no charges will be filed against you , if something went wrong call (911) I’m speechless I don’t know what to think but why would she be carrying a baby in bag that dead to go shoplift she has mental issue she need help young trying hide she was pregnant scared didn’t know what to do. Maybe it wasn’t her baby who was with her she has to say something think about the charges that she will be facing they would drop shoplifting charges and at age of 17 yrs old she will be faces First Degree MURDER or Capital MURDER. This is so so sad that it came to this for someone to found the little boy who ever never gave him a chance in LIFE.

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