LIVE GRAVE CAMERAS to Watch People ROT!???

Published July 10, 2012 by lenaleansaywhat

LIVE GRAVE CAMERAS to Watch People ROT!???

Wow! Never heard of this one before: “Watch Me Rot!” yes it’s an website where you can go and watch deceased humans decay in their graves. Here is an overview of their website.

LATEST NEWS :: August 2008 – It seems as though every attempt we have made to retrieve our equipment from the police in Cebu Province has failed. We are having new equipment delivered and hand shipped to us. Hopefully before the deadline in 3 days! This project is driving us all nuts and we could end up being here for months if we miss this oportunity ::

Welcome to this site is dedicated to all who have gone before us. Having had many battles in our efforts to maintain our ‘Live Coffin Cams’ within the interiors of our subjects’ caskets. We have succeeded once again & we are in the process of hooking up our first live feed in almost 2 years! (legal battles in two countries have now been settled) We will hopefully start our next broadcast from the Phillipines, where we have secured the rights to our very own burial ground. [undisclosed to protect gravesite]

Our original cam site will be one of three that will be live over the course of the coming months, we will stream 1 site at a time at first and then hopefully by the end of 2009 have all three running simultaneously on three pages of this site .
From our base in Seattle we should have been able to control the lighting and ‘refresh rate’ of the camera equipment, unfortunately that was not the case. Thankfully all the problems we had from the start, (lighting and mounting issues meant that the cam was not only almost impossible to see but also the zoom mal-functioned) have now been addressed. We trust that the new burial site will be more suitable. We hope you find a fascinating place to visit over the coming years.

We will be able to view the new cams for many years and several modifications have been made to the latest cams and the caskets themselves – Whilst it is still buried ‘six feet under’, the staging area of this unit suits our technical requirements far better. Thanks for stopping by.

Should you wish to discuss plans for your own ‘Coffin Cam’ for family and friends, please contact us for pricing details.

What are your thoughts on this? Should this even be acceptable? Your feedback is well appreciated and welcomed.


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