Women Dies after Applying Hair Extensions!!!!???

Published April 11, 2012 by lenaleansaywhat

Ladies the next time you go to the hair salon for extensions you might want to tell them to “hold the Glue!!!!It is said that the cause of death is done to hair glue being applied to the scalp, then it seeps into the bloodstream causing un-stability to the body.Their has been over 70 reported deaths linked to Hair extension glue. Experts says the best way to prevent this from happening to you is to not sweat 24 hours prior to receiving hair glue extensions, or have your extensions applied using a sew in. Though sew ins are more expensive, they will last longer, and it may save your life!


9 comments on “Women Dies after Applying Hair Extensions!!!!???

    • Yes it is an very un-fortunate incident that happens more often than we think Newton Rodriguel…….HOPE you continue to Follow “SAY WHAT LENA!!!!????” to get your OUTRAGEOUS News from around the World, that makes you say “WHAT THOUGH!!!!????”

  • Oh i love to wear some hair extensions. Hair extensions can really add some volumbe to your hair and makes the flow nicer. *;’,;

    Many thanks

    • Thank you, Say What Lena will be starting a Talk show and will be Aired on this Blog The first sunday of every month Spring of 2014!!! So stay tuned and i’ll keep you posted, and thanks again!!!! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook & Twitter @Aliene7 and follow us on Instragram @lenasaywhatcincinnati!!! ~SAY WHAT LENA admin.~

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